Australians use a colloquial speech that Americans don’t always understand.  To help, click on Print Glossary and reference it while reading this website and or My Book.  

A bit of all right:  A good-looking person.

A gunna:   Is someone who says they're going to (gunna) do this and going to do that, but never actually does any of it.  Therefore, this is a person with a reputation for never following through.

A minnie:  One minute

A no-hoper:  A loser

Arvo:  Afternoon

Back of Burke, or back of beyond:  Far away and in the middle of nowhere.

Back of woop-woop:  Same as Back of Burke.

Barking up the wrong tree:   Haven't got a chance.

Bastard:  Used liberally by Australians but means little more than a stupid person, or asshole.  

Bees knees:  Used to refer to someone whom one considers extra special.   Also used to denigrate someone who thinks too highly of him or her self.

Biccie:  Cookie, and a much smaller version of the dinner-plate size cookies available in Boulder and the rest of America.

Big Gob:   Mouth

Poor blighters:  This is an expression of feeling sorry for someone.  

Bloody:  Swear word, which Australians use liberally.   In fact it's most often used as an adjective and or in lieu of punctuation.

Boobage:  Boobs / breasts

Bog in:   Start eating

Bonk:  Sex

Bonkers:  Nuts, as in silly.

Bottie:   Bottom

Bottler:   Someone or something that you consider terrific.

Bored shitless:  Very bored

Brekkie:   Breakfast.

Bugger:   Used liberally like “bloody,” but to Australians it means little more than “shit.”

Bushells:   The brand of tea consumed in the average Australian household.

Cheesed off:   Annoyed.

Chinwag:   A long and engaged conversation.

Choccies:   Chocolate

Chook:   Chicken or hen.

Chuck:   To throw something, or to vomit.

Chucking in the towel:  To give up.

Chunder:   Vomit

Chutzpah:   I picked this Yiddish word up from Isa; it means courage.

Codswallop:   Bullshit.

Couldn't run a chook raffle in a country pub:   In rural Australia it's common to run lotteries at the local pubs, and the prize might easily be a roasting chicken.  Country pub raffles are so common that most Australians could carry out such a task with their eyes closed, so to suggest that someone couldn't run a chook raffle is akin to saying they're useless.

Cranky or Crabby:   A bad mood.

Crèche:   Daycare for children.

Cuppa:   A cup of tea.   Australians drink tea hot, with milk, and often. And they always offer their expected, and unexpected guests a cuppa as soon as said guest(s) walk in the door.   This is understood culturally as a gesture of hospitality and because tea is considered an elixir, a panacea, and tons better than a glass of iced water on a freezing cold day.  

Dag:   A dorky sort of person.   Actually, dags are the little balls of pooh that attach themselves to the wool around a sheep's bottom.   Despite this unattractive rear-end association, dag is used as a term of endearment.

Darl:   Short for darling, which when articulated by an Australian sounds like “doll” to the American ear.  

Dickhead:   An idiot, and or a very annoying person.  Sometimes dickhead is used as a term of endearment, more so between very blokey mates.

Dingbat:   A fool or idiot.

Drongo:   A dag, and somewhat slow intellectually.

Dropkick:   A loser.

Duds:  Clothes

Dummy:   Pacifier

Earbashing:   When someone talks non-stop at you, they're earbashing you.

Ensem:   Ensemble or outfit

Fab:   Fabulous

Fair crack of the whip :   Direct translation:   “Hang on.  Fair go, that's bullshit.”

Fair go:   Direct translation: “That's not very nice.”

Fella or bloke:  Guy

FMS boots:   Fuck-me-senseless boots

Fossicking:   Looking for an item, that is generally hidden underneath something else, with a great deal of earnestness .

Franga:   Condom  

Frock:   Light, summer shift or dress.

Fuck-a-duck:   A statement of disbelief, like, "No way!"

Fuck-me-dead:   Same as above

Funkafied:   This is one of Isa's made up words.  It means, very daggy, or funky, and definitely a term of endearment.

Gawd, cripes, crikey:   These terms roughly mean “shit.”

Get a whiff (of something):  Overheard, or heard news through the grapevine, and or to smell something.

Glam:   Glamorous

Gunna:   Going to, as in, going to do something.  

Heaps:   A lot.

Hockey:   (This is for non-Americans who might be interested to learn what American hockey is all about).   A group of behemoths on ice at war over something the size of a box of tampons—think it has something to with venting aggression in a compensatory way for anti-penile, scrotum-made-into-vagina fantasies.  

Hubby:   Husband

Hunk:   A good looking bloke

Lame brain:   A drongo, with emphasis on the “intellectually slow.”

Lippie:   Lipstick

Mate:   Friend, acquaintance, or someone with whom you wish to converse but have no idea of their name and so “Mate” is used in lieu of their name.

Middlescence:  The term a girl uses when she'd rather not mention she's on the verge of forty, or thereabouts..

Mittelschmerz:   German for middle pain, or pain associated with ovulation.

Mugwumps:  Invisible little gremlins that sit on your shoulders causing you to feel blue, unhappy, and grumpy.

Nappy:   Diaper.

Nebbish:   This is one of Isa's Yiddish words, it means,  squirly sort of person.

Nick off, or piss off:   Get lost or go away, and it can also simply mean, “no.”

Nitwit:   Idiot.

Noggin:   Head.

Offal:   Organ meats, like kidneys, liver, brain, tongue and pancreas.

Old bag:   Surly older, as in middlescent, woman.  

Perimenopausal:  Middlescent PMS.   Yes, as you get older PMS metamorphoses into an aged version with similar but different symptoms.   Something to look forward to isn't it!

Pissed:  Drunk, as in inebriated.

Pong:   Nasty smell, akin to a pair of boy's sweat-socked socks that have been left to ripen in a gym bag for several days.

Pop (by):   Drop in.

Preggo:   Short for pregnant.

Prezzie:   Present or gift.

Ruddy:   Not as in your face as “bloody,” but it's essentially used in the same way, i.e. as punctuation and as an adjective.

Schtupp:   Another of Isa's Yiddish words; it means, bonk.

Shithouse:    Literal translation means toilet, but when used as an adjective it means very bad, or awful.

Sparrow's fart:   Crack of dawn.

Spat the dummy:   Throwing a tantrum.   Think of a baby spitting out their dummy in the effort to howl and scream unhindered and then transfer that to a grown up having an angry fit.

Spunk:   See hunk.

Squizz:   To look at something quizzically.

Stark raving bonkers:   Nuts, or something akin to losing it.  Going off the deep end.

Starkers:   Naked

Stick a sock in it:   Is one way to ask someone bluntly to shut up.

Stunning mishmash:   A clever combination of disparate items that somehow work together because of color, or texture, and or concept.

Swimming togs or Cozzie:   Bathing suit

Take a gander:   Loot at that, or have a good look.

Tanty:   Tantrum

Telly:   Television

Tildy:   That's me.   Tildy is short for Matilda.   Matilda is the woman's name used as a simile for a swagman's bedding or sleeping roll in the poem “Waltzing Matilda,” written by Australia's famous poet, Banjo Patterson.

Tons:  A lot (of something).

Tum:   Tummy

Ugg boots:   Very ugly (hence Ugg) Australian sheepskin boots that no stylish Australian would be caught dead wearing outdoors, i.e. in public.   However, during the seventies many daggy Australians wore them with jeans, and in public.  

Undies or knickers:   Panties

What-ifing:   Coaching jargon designed to afford a girl a delusional sense of her having complete control over her destiny by suggesting that she simply wish into being that which she wants.   Really, it's that easy!

Whinger:   A whiny person, or someone who complains a lot.

Whippersnapper:   A younger person.

Wop:  To slam, knock or bang something.

You beauty:   Short for, that's beautiful.  Or you are beautiful/clever, which an Australian would avoid saying to another Australian because it's too intimate and personal.  So the shortened version, "you beauty" has become a way to express appreciation for someone, or someone doing something terrific, or a particular circumstance going really well.